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We are a boutique law firm specialising in financial services, funds, funds management, general corporate and compliance. 
Our team of experienced lawyers take the time to understand your business and commercial drivers so we can provide
outstanding advice tailored to your needs. 

We also have an extensive network of people and businesses that we can connect you with in order to help grow your business!

ABML Services

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With us, you won't have to worry about expensive legal fees as we offer fixed costs or work with you on designing a fee structure that works best for you.
You will be able to get accurate, commercial solutions from us while being connected with the right people who can help make your business successful.

We specialise in:

ABML Services
Why Use Us?

Why Use Us?

Outstanding commercial advice


We take time to understand your business and commercial drivers. It means that we provide outstanding advice – whether legal or compliance which is commercial, concise and usable. It is tailored to your needs and designed to provide you with a solution that works.


Connection – Collaboration - Community


This is what distinguishes us from other law firms.


Because we know and understand your business - we can actively try and help your business to grow by connecting you with people and businesses in our network that can help you be successful.


We love finding synergistic solutions that help our clients grow and succeed.




We work with you to understand your cost pressures.


We prefer fixed costs – but can work with you to design a fee structure that works for you.  

62 Consulting

Discover 62 Consulting! Dive into a world where wealth management, corporate finance, and digital innovation unite to accelerate your growth. Join us on this exciting success journey! Venturing into the digital space for growth can seem daunting. 62 Consulting is here to make this transition straightforward and efficient.


We provide an all-encompassing service to navigate you from initial idea to successful digital operation and beyond to drive scale.​

Fund Services

Our team boasts over half a century of combined experience in key areas such as tech, legal, finance, wealth management, marketing and successful start-ups. We're well-equipped to provide the insights, expertise, and business knowledge needed to excel in today's competitive digital landscape.

Our Partners

ABML Legal has partnered with GetCimple to deliver an ASIC Cybersecurity Compliance program for your business needs.

GetCimple is focused on protecting Australian financial services providers (AFSL holders, Corporate Authorised Representatives, financial planners, financial institutions) from cybersecurity risk.

our clients all have heart

They are good people, looking to make a difference in their world and leave it better, even if only in small ways. 

our clients

are warm

Our clients are warm, engaging, innovative, creative - and above all, interested in collaborating and partnering for growth.


We look forward to working with you - and welcoming you to our community and network.


we act for a range of clients

From FinTech start ups, through to some of the largest financial services groups and funds in Australia. Our clients include ASX-listed financial services entities, to FinTech seed funders, venture capitalists, private equity funds, fund managers, platform providers, neobanks and investment banks.


Our clients
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ABML Legal - Solutions & Connectivity for Growth, Sustainability & Community.

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