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62 Consulting

Venturing into the digital space for growth can seem daunting. 62 Consulting is here to make this transition straightforward and efficient. We provide an all-encompassing service to navigate you from initial idea to successful digital operation and beyond to drive scale.

Our experienced professionals offer comprehensive guidance on essential business elements including governance, risk frameworks, compliance, regulation, innovative marketing strategies, advanced software development, and operations management. All of these aimed at heightening your chances of growth.

We're dedicated to ensuring that our clients receive a smooth user experience, robust cybersecurity measures, effective minimal viable product (MVP) development, reliable IT infrastructure, efficient software operation, provide contract resources to supplement your team, and a powerful online marketing strategy.

Our team boasts over half a century of combined experience in key areas such as tech, legal, finance, wealth management, marketing and successful start-ups like Acorns and Raiz Invest. We're well-equipped to provide the insights, expertise, and business knowledge needed to excel in today's competitive digital landscape.

By choosing 62 Consulting as your trusted partner, you're not just starting a digital journey. You're gaining the assurance and expertise needed to embark on a successful execution with confidence and ease.

Ready to build something extraordinary together? Contact 62 Consulting today. Together, we make your growth and scaling possible.


  • Cybersecurity and data security:-  risk management, compliance, incident response and proactive measures to protect your data assets from emerging threats;

  • Software development:- using best practices, rigorous testing and continuous integration, resulting in reliable and scalable applications;

  • Design / UX –  creating a design and user interface that is eye catching and works seamlessly;

  • Digital marketing:- developing and implementing an online digital marketing strategy for your business, including SEO, social media marketing, influencer outreach across multiple digital networks.

  • Outsourcing your IT needs – skilled IT professionals and digital marketers to supplement your existing team;

  • Online Risk Management Frameworks:- developing and implementing risk frameworks that comprehensively identify and mitigate online business risks and safeguard your operations and growth.

  • Minimum viable product app:- creating an MVP that meets necessary criteria whilst minimizing financial costs and risks so you can validate and test your ideas;

  • Infrastructure design:- designing and maintaining your cloud or physical infrastructure needs for maximum efficiency and reliability.

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